Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Secret to Unleashing Genius - #Creativity #Innovation #Leadership #Culture

Just came across a brilliant Forbes article I just had to share:

The Secret to Unleashing Genius - Jeff Dyer and Hal Gregersen

It gives us smart insights into innovation, creativity, leadership... and answers Why? What? and How? market leading companies and their leaders (Amazon and Jeff Bezos, Salesforce and Marc Benioff, Starbucks and Howard Schultz) reach dizzying success, achieve growth, manage breakthroughs via teams, increase productivity and continue to innovate - in the face of challenges.

Many Thanks to Vala Afshar for sharing this via Twitter. Read full article.

Article also features a superb slideshow: "The Top 25 World's Most Innovative Companies."
and excellent content on this video interview: "The Four Behaviours of Innovative Leaders."

Bruce Upbin talks to Hal Gregersen 

Relevant infographic: 10 Best Practices for Enterprise Innovation

To sign off on a lighter note

some memorable words from a man of science, Albert Einstein.

I consider myself lucky to have met the man of amazing genius. (Who's kidding! :-)

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