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How Social Media has Disrupted the Music Business #smcakl

MC Angela March, Dean Campbell, Fiona Perry, Paul Mclaney, Scott Maclachlan

Julian Waters (drinking water), Camellia Yang, Simon Young, Ian Wan

Courtney Sit

Last fortnight, at the behest of our good friend, the wonderful David Gapes, Editor, AdMedia & Fastline, I attended Social Media Club Auckland - #smcakl (pronounced smackle) - with my roving reporter’s hat on, phone in hand, finger on the photo-trigger. Here's the pre-event report in Fastline:

Tweet to the Beat – Tune in to #smcakl

By Amar Trivedi (@Mr_Madness)

Aucklanders in the house! Make some noise… #smcakl is here and it’s all about the music.

The word is out. It’s on the wall. Social Media has disrupted the music industry. It has affected not only the way we consume music but the entire record industry. While song-laden smartphones and 4G downloads are music to consumers, music cos. are still adjusting to the new biz model.

#smcakl takes a look at The Battle of Monetizing the Bands, exploring significant industry changes from all angles of the record player, with an expert panel line-up of speakers who know the business of music like the back of their vinyl jackets:

  • ·         Zowie (Singer Songwriter formerly known as Bionic Pixie)
  • ·         Dean Campbell (Music commentator and creator of top 40 music tracks)
  • ·         Scott McLauchlan (Manager of Internet Sensation & chart topping artist Lorde)
  • ·         Fiona Perry (Managing Director at Media & Entertainment Royalty Services Ltd)
  • ·         Paul McLaney AKA Gramsci (Artist & Music collaborator)

Take off those earphones and download yourself for a spot of Spotify and socializing on Wed 19 June, 6pm. This month there is a collaborative playlist where attendees can add their favourite tracks for airplay during the informal part of the evening.

It’s The #smcakl-ers - Live at the Vodafone V’nue. This one’s sure to be a doozy!
Sign up at 

The famous #smcakl twitter wall... powered by

Q&A Time: The audience asks, the panel answers, the comments flow on the wall...

Anthony Gardiner, of 25 Most Played (Shiny New Things); Packed house @smcakl

Jennie Vickers, with K9 Social Media top dog, Nasby :-)

She was a doozy alright!

By Amar Trivedi (@Mr_Madness) < || > July 04, Update: The videos are in. --> Click to view.

It’s official. #smcakl rocked - knocked it right outta Vicky Park.

With 250 guests braving chances of a thunderstorm Wednesday night, the only storm worth writing about was the one brewing inside the Vodafone V’nue - in a good, musical, social sort of way.

The topic for #smcakl June was a catchy one. “Tweet to the Beat - When music and social media collide.” The evening featured an expert panel of musos, artistes and recording industry pros – who weighed in on the state of flux in the online music business, the disruption and emergent new technologies - sharing anecdotes and insights both from personal experience and popular culture.

There’s a saying in social media circles: The smartest person in the room… is the room. At most events these days, a tweet wall is common. At #smcakl, the tweetstream beamed out from many screens, is the unseen guest with the liveliest (and wittiest) voice in the room.

A genuine, unfiltered display of community engagement in real-time, the #smcakl hash feed is a merry mix of intelligent tweets on topic, social media commentary, random rants and whacky humour, incl. fart jokes – you’ve been warned!

In its 4th year now, Social Media Club Auckland (#smcakl) has come a long way. While the monthly event is more structured, the open chat format seems to be going down well with attendees. What also goes down fine is the pizza + cold beverage shout that every #smcakl begins with– thanks to the generous sponsors. Events are free to attend on sign-up.

For more on the evening and the event, read these blog posts by:

So, if you are interested in social (which you are) and use social media (which you do), saunter in on any of these dates for an enjoyable (even enlightening) evening with the coolest kids in town.

Keep in touch with all things #smcakl:

For some unreasonable reason, if you cannot make it to the event in real life, you can (thanks to Jam Mayer) attend #smcakl remotely, by watching the livestream here.

Angela March, co-organiser and MC for the night, said it best… “This one’s sure to be a doozy.” Right as rain she was!

Acknowledgements with Gratitude

For the above reports (and the event), many thanks going out to:

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