Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The 4 P's of Social Business - Learnings via IBM Connect

Social Business = Social Collaboration + Enterprise Social
Making the World Work Better. Making the Web Work Smarter.

Happy 2013, everyone! (Freaky frogs! Month-end already. Where did Jan go?) Moving on from my blog post on Social Business - hottest topic on the web right now thanks to IBM Connect - let's dive into...

The 4 P's of Social Business

Social Business begins as a Growth Plan. Put on your thinking cap and map the journey, outline the architecture, define business value right down to delivery, envision strategic goals, put the right people in the right seats. Draw up a detailed schematic of how internal workflows sync with external connections. Failing is OK, but failing to plan is planning to fail. Not OK.

The transformation from using social media well, to becoming a digitally connected, integrated Social Business calls for enterprise-wide, inter-department, "un-siloed" participation. Sure, adoption takes time. Innovation doesn't happen overnight. Participant buy-in may not come at once, skill transfers may take a while. Begin at the top to catalyze the creation of a top-down, inside-out ripple.

Social Business is indeed, a new corporate paradigm. A holistic approach to work, it calls for a dual shift =  technology and skill + culture and attitude. Making that shift happen is a D-I-Y task, sans instruction manuals. It's vital to have a strong focus on long-term vision. And p-a-t-i-e-n-c-e.

The 4 P's of social business could well be People, People, People People. At its core, a social business runs on intuitive social tech platforms, but it is powered + driven by genuine relationships with, for, of and by who else... people: empowered employees, brand advocates, company stakeholders, connected customers, executive leadership, social listeners, community members...

Social Business is more than content, social media or digital marketing. Social Business is about tapping into collective human potential to exploit opportunities of scale emerging from instant global access, 1st-degree connections, cognitive tech and real-time data. And we've just begun...

[Then there's Performance, Philosophy, Process, Purpose - but that's another 4 P's. Another post, another day.]

Which brings me to the 9th P of Social Business... Podcast. Just kidding :-) 
Humour aside, this Social Pros pod is a must-listen. Transcript included. Tune in. Be amazed.

Valuable advice via Sandy Carter: Empowering Employees with Social Business Strategy

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I've always believed... "Social is not something you do. It is something you are."
Happy to note Vala Afshar's much retweeted acronym on the same line of thought:

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(ix) A well-meaning suggestion for 2013:

Do one thing that scares you this year. Get Social + Do Business = Think Social Business.

Bonus Content

A Video-wall (x8) from IBM TV

Social Business => Attract. Deliver. Inspire. Simplify. Anticipate. Connect. Engage. Integrate.