Monday, November 26, 2012

Buyral Viral and BS Buzzwords - Techies have fun too!

Thanks to LOLcats, punk'd-style clips and home videos galore on YouTube, there's no dearth of mirth or lack of humour in social media. But what is rare is...

For something funny to come from tech brands. Very often, most are esoteric in-jokes which only 0.003% of the target audience find uncontrollably hilarious.

However, with mainstream channels gone social (or rather, geeky stuff gone mainline), I happily hit upon two good ones - a short film and an ad - on the same day. I just had to re-share:

1) BuyRal: After Gangnam Style's dream success, now everyone wants to go viral. Solution: BuyRal - Professional Clicking. A good spoof on viral videos by Toronto based agency, John St.

2) BS Detector: Adobe Systems' send up of jargon-junkies and BS (bullshit) artists who profusely use marketing textbook terminology and infuse every sentence with the hottest buzzwords.

Kudos to Darren Woolley for blogging. Get more info on both videos on his site,

Source Credits with Gratitude:

Many Thanks for a fun read, Darren.
Shout out also to @AndrewArmour

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