Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Top Tips on Content Creation - Q&A with Jeff Bullas

Getting Social in Sydney with... a world-class Social Media Blogger

The awe-inspiring, iconic Sydney Opera House - clicked from the ferry to Manly

Two world-famous icons in one shot: Sydney Harbour Bridge + Opera House

(L-R) Jeff Bullas, Me and Dee at Rossini Cafe, Circular Quay, Sydney, June 2012

One of the fortunate highlights of our recent trip to Sydney was our coffee catch-up with Jeff Bullas.

For those who don't know, Jeff Bullas is a Top 10 social media blogger, Top 50 AdAge blogger, international conference speaker, Forbes Top 50 Power Influencer, and a Twitter phenomenon!

Jeff Bullas used to be a teacher. His passion for technology and writing led him to blogging. Now, he's a digital marketing expert and a personal brand famed across Australia, NZ and worldwide.

Here are some excerpts from our meeting:

Q: What is your take on Social Media? How has it changed the world of work?

JB: Social Media is this big new wave, a new phenomenon that gives businesses and individuals alike unprecedented leverage. It's almost like magic and it's still being discovered. Then he quoted Arthur C. Clarke:
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

Q: You are prolific on social media. How do you go about creating quality content? 
(For easy recall, I've coined an acronym to capture Jeff's response)

JB: Content is best when it is PUREST :

assion - Great content is a result of genuine passion.
biquitous - Be everywhere! Use automation to distribute content across many platforms.
elentless - Be relentless. (This has Jeff Bullas written all over it. He should trademark it!)
vergreen - Good content is evergreen i.e. it lasts over time. Need to update stats though.
imple - Don't use big words. No long windy statements. Keep it simple. Explain concepts.
rue - You have to offer the real deal. Readers are quick to spot a fake, or lack of substance.

Right then, in mid-conversation, Jeff dropped a gem that impressed me deeply. It gave us an insight into the real person behind the blogger and social media expert. A glimpse of greatness:

"I didn't set out to create a tribe or to build a personal brand... or to create trust or influence. I genuinely wanted to make a difference. I just wanted to help people." - Jeff Bullas

Q: Any Tips or Words of Wisdom for bloggers, content creators, digital marketers?

  1. Humility. Help others. 
  2. Add value through your blog.
  3. Keep it human. Respond to every comment.
  4. Craft your content - that's the secret to be found online. Use keywords. Avoid jargon.
  5. Wake up early. Discipline yourself. No substitute for hard work. No short cut to success.
  6. Read a lot. Read books. It's the best way to learn new stuff. 
Jeff's always reading eBooks on his iPad. While recommending Stephen King's book, On Writing, he shared a memorable anecdote: Someone once asked Stephen King how he writes so much. Pat came the reply... "One word at a time." (King has authored 50 books in 40 years!)

Your business blog is your content marketing hub

UPDATE: (Aug 9, 2012):

Jeff's New eBook is out now! Blogging the Smart Way: How to Create and Market a Killer Blog with Social Media. Read all about it on his blog here. Get your eCopy available on Amazon digital.

From Jeff's several blogposts, here are just 3 great examples You can easily see the amount of content (and learning value) each carries. I must say - gratefully - I've learnt a lot from Jeff's blog.

<> Winning with the Fantastic Four of Digital Marketing (Blog + Slide Presentation)

<> 20 Ways to Increase Your Facebook Likes and Engagement

His blog also features some amazing Guest Blogs:

<> How Search and Online Reputation Management impacts your Brand - Anindita Debnath

In Dee's words: "It was indeed a pleasure meeting a man with "relentless" passion that speaks for itself through his engaging blogs and expertise in all things Social Media / Online Marketing. Jeff Bullas is one man who can teach you how to be "HEARD" in a chaotic and constantly evolving digital ecosystem."

[Many Thanks, Jeff for your time, advice and down-to-earth, friendly nature. Wish you Good Luck for the future... and for your new book. Best Wishes and Kind Regards, A&D]


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