Monday, August 20, 2012

Master the Content Marketing Loop in 7 steps

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Social Media is in the air and it's crystal-clear Content Marketing is where the action is now. Digital marketers worldwide strive hard to keep up with the cyclical demand for quality content.

I've put down a few points in AdMedia to help businesses leverage maximum benefit from branded content. If you use digital technology to promote your brand, I hope you find value in this article:

Holistic Content Management: Mastering the Content Marketing Loop - in 7 Steps

Here's your FREE eBook: How to Feed the Content Beast created by the amazing Curata.

As a content marketer, you know that having, fresh, relevant content is the key to your success. Marketers now have to think like publishers - we have shifted our thinking from outbound to inbound but GOOD content takes time.

In this ebook, you'll learn how to balance and blend the two halves of content marketing - creation and curation (with a foreword by Ann Handley.) - Download free ebook here. And if you're still curious about Content Curation, here are some more free eBooks.

Well... now you know all about Content Marketing, here's what not to do:

Success is always a team effort. For this Content Marketing article, I owe Many Thanks to:

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Notes: The business logic behind Content Marketing (CM):

  1. Quality Content > creates Brand Engagement > leads to Consumer Intent to buy/ recommend. Think Content before Intent > Creative Expressions before Online Impressions.
  2. My CM Mantra: Create with passion. Market strong. Add value to others. Can't go wrong!
    Excerpts from my Q&A with Jeff Bullas in Sydney - Top Tips on Content Creation

Updated Content: I'd like to share some of the better articles I've come across on CM:

  • An authoritative and informative presentation from Lee Odden

Cutest [Infographic] by Iain Calvert on Google Panda & Penguin updates to their search algorithm:

The difference between Google Panda & Penguin Infographic
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  1. Amar...thanks so much for the shout out. You are media doesn't work without a compelling story at the center.

  2. My pleasure, Joe. Glad you liked the piece.
    Thanks right back for the daily dose of valuable Content Marketing advice via your newsletter. Best Wishes to all at CMI.

  3. Content marketing is very important to grow your business or move get more traffic towards your blog. I noticed some people who don't want to spend a single cent on content marketing which cause low traffic and poor ranking in search engines. Its time to make best answers to the questions of your visitors and allow them to read and share the information by just one click or easiest method. Your post sounds good about mastering the content marketing loop in 7 steps.

    1. Hi Stephanie, thank you for your comment. Be it social media / SEO / content marketing, the basic tools are free. BUT, companies must invest time and talent for best results. It takes effort and expertise to come up with results via content. Not to mention, a social strategy and patience - lots of it :-) Best Wishes to you and all at Fruition. Have a great year ahead. Thanks again.

  4. Comprehensive article on Content marketing and I appreciate you for this phenomenal article. In digital marketing this is so important to create a powerful and quality content according to your business and promote it on social media. I am agreed that social media is now becoming most attractive place marketers.