Thursday, July 7, 2011

A. Social. Media. Revolution. Is. On. Right. Now!

Don't beat me up for mentioning the most beaten cliche going around but: "There's a social media revolution going on out there." And I mean it... It. Truly. Is. On. Right. Now!

It's changing more than just media, marketing, advertising, retail. It is changing the basics of communications. Of how we interact with one another. Changing how we do business. Changing what we do everyday. Changing how we consume information. It's changing how we live.

Day by day, IT IS CHANGING WHO WE ARE. A revolution leading to evolution. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. With initiatives such as The Social Good Summit 2011, there's every hope there's a greater plan for global good... making the Web a better place to log in!

With the pace of technological change so blisteringly fast right now, there's no saying where it'll take us in the next few years. Our entire time dynamic has changed... 12 months in today's tech times are an eternity!

Speaking of Revolution, on a different note...

Here's the hugely popular Social Media Revolution video series (created by Erik Qualman, Author & Founder of Socialnomics). Mind-boggling statistics set to a catchy song - kinda like an infographic on steroids! Easy to see why the videos went famously viral (and into countless presentations).

The videos capture the growth of the revolution and the updated versions 1, 2, 3 offer a good look at the evolution of Social Media over the years.

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