Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What happens when good people get together?

Great things happen when good people get together.

That's my business mantra, model, mission and motto.

Great new things happen when good people get together.

I go 'YESSS' each time I say it.

Great cool things happen when good people get together.

Go on... say it aloud.

Great big things happen when good people get together.

One more time. Louder!

Great game-changing things happen when...

And then, suddenly... eureka strikes. Genius happens!

Great things happen when good people get together!

Call it my business belief, marketing maxim, professional paradigm, personal principle, creative credo, executive ethos or in today's techy times, you could even call it my social strategy or simply, my life line.

Genius happens on the journey to greatness.
The first step is meeting good people.
On that positive note, it's time we connected.

I am a LION (LinkedIN Open Networker). Are you?

Click on the pic to connect with me. Or by clicking here.  
To find out more about LinkedIN LIONs, read this.

Collaboration is the way forward.
Happy Networking and best wishes for the journey ahead.

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  1. Good one. I'm glad you are keeping "social madness" alive.

  2. Thanks, Rashmi.

    People are always asking "Who to connect with on Social Media?" esp. FB, LinkedIN. It's the classic "openness v/s privacy" issue.

    Here's a LinkedIN discussion that got a few people talking >

    It made me realise everyone has their own unique social networking stance, be it offline or online. Mine's in the blog post (= LION). Whats yours?

    As for Social Madness, it's just me being me = Keeping Madness Alive and Getting Social With It! Cheers, Amar

  3. There is no great genius without some touch of madness.
    Seneca, Epistles
    Roman dramatist, philosopher, & politician (5 BC - 65 AD)

  4. Dear Dee, thanks for that enlightening quote. So shall we say... Genius happens when you're keeping madness alive! Cheers, @