Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Special Feature on Social Media

I'm happy to share an article I co-wrote with
Simon Hendery, NZ's top business writer -
(click to view/ download PDF)
has been published in AdMedia, May 2010 and is... on shelves now!








The double-whammy features an analysis of SM & its role in business; followed by first-person views & reviews from NZ's SM-savvy Social-ati.
I enjoyed putting the piece together. Hope you enjoy reading it as much.


  1. Well done guys, this is super awesome. Thanks for including me. Its great to see we have such an amazing bunch of people here contributing to and helping to grow and awesome social network in New Zealand.
    For individuals and businesses the friendships, resources and information shared through the likes of Twitter is incredible.


  2. Thanks Justin... Cheers for sharing.

    As you said during your talk on International Best Practice in SM on Day1 at #SMJ, it's all about the conversations. Well, we got one going...

  3. Hey Amar, awesome read. Loved the insight on facebook 'building on the strength of weak ties' wah! wah! thanks for sharing it

  4. Thanks Kedar. Glad you found it useful.

  5. Ditto Justin's thoughts. My life is a better place with SM platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. Thanks Amar for the fulsome profile & gathering the views of such a brilliant & diverse bunch of people who are maximising their personal and professional worlds through Twitter. More power to all!

  6. I agree... SM makes the web a better place to log in. Creates the environment for richer experiences, both online and offline.

    Thanks for the note, Belinda. Esp. nice coming from a SM star (and TV sensation) like you.

    Great to see Giapo, Julien and you on TV One #Close-Up the other night. Go Social-ati:)

  7. Well done Amar & Simon for producing a piece offering a broad set of perspectives. Our advertising and marketing fraternity needs more exposure, and a greater understand of, the pervasive nature of Social Marketing. The results we achieve (from networking through to actual $) are evident and must drive the broader shift into conversation mode. Only then will our customers discover for themselves the true nature of our brands, our people and our services.

  8. It's still growing and may take a while to go mainstream, but there's no denying Social Media marketing is a phenomenon that's here to stay.

    Call it collaboration, participation or sharing, it's clearly the way forward and changing the communications game as we know it.

    Rebecca, many thanks for your contribution to the article, as well as your meaningful comment above. Very well said. Much appreciated indeed.