Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Social Media Club Auckland 4 - awesome evening

The 4th session of Social Media Club Auckland (#SMCakl) on Tuesday 11 May, was an awesome evening. Great speaker line-up + Juicy topic + Ideal venue + Large turnout + Cool folks + Chilled beer = SUCCESS!

L-R: Rebecca Smith, David Farrier, Vaughn Davis

"Brand Voice: balancing personal and corporate tone in Social Media" was the topic for the evening. The speakers shared their views in an informal atmosphere at the Saatchi & Saatchi atrium, where over a 100 people (largest so far) met to imbibe learnings over a chilled Monteith's.

Rebecca Smith, MarComms Manager, Telecom
She spoke of the need to find the right people for social media and said "corporates need to be naturally honest, naturally online and naturally knowledgeable". Even individuals must have a digital content strategy and listening and observing were important aspects of social media."

David Farrier, TV3
As expected, David was hilarious. He came in armed with a mindmap and in his own inimitable "3 Nuuus" style, spoke on exotic topics ranging from a Human Centipede to The Cryptid Factor to Justin Bieber. A huge fan of online forums, SM allows him "to stay close to his viewers and receive instant feedback which he finds invaluable".

Before wardrobe change...

...and after!

Vaughn Davis, Creative Director, Y&R
Vaughn's speech included a wardrobe change where he quickly donned a Hurricanes t-shirt and did a live impersonation of Ma'a Nonu's F-Bomb laden outburst on live radio! Vaughn also drew up an original analogy: If advertising is a brand wall, social media is the window. Go to Vaughn's posterous for more.

For more on the evening, check out Alex Erasmus' posterous blog post. Not only is Alex the co-founder of SMCakl, he's also a fine (precise & concise) writer. Here are the pics from the evening. You in there?

L-R: Alex, Tara, Rebecca, Hayden, Vaughn, Chris

L-R: Jamie, David, Duncan (could they be long-lost bros?)

Thanks to Chris Macdonald for the venue & Monteith's beer. (ps - He hates noise:)

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