Monday, April 26, 2010

Thou shalt own the Social Media Bible

So you're already into Social Media and want to go deeper OR let's say you're on the brink and thinking of jumping into Social Media OR you're already neck-deep and want to get immersed into Social Media...

Here's a book to answer all your questions on Social Media. It's a business guide, a text book, a bible indeed... with commandments and all. In fact, it's 3 books rolled into one and a great place to start your journey into SM or to venture further. I found the Expert Insights particularly enriching.

Wholeheartedly, I recommend this book to anyone with any interest in SM, no matter where on the knowledge continuum you are. Don't just read it. Own it. This one's a keeper. Visit the TSMB website here.


  1. Hey... thank you! Great blog! Thou shalt read Mr. Social's blog! Lon

    1. Thank you, Lon. Social media has indeed changed the world and all of us with it - in just 5 years. What a ride !!!