Wednesday, April 21, 2010

It's official. Privacy is dead. User beware!

Social Media is a powerful branding toolkit. Used correctly, it can create considerable social influence.

But there is another side to it - the naked side. Here's a lighter look at the phenomenon of Twitter and how it sounds the death knell for privacy.

I came across this Venn Diagram while wandering the web one idle browse. Immediately, my mind raced to wonder where I'd seen the Social Venn before? After a quick mental jog, the answer popped into my head.

L-R: Vaughn Davis, Adam Good, Chris Chambers

Take a look at Vaughn's tee. A cool find. Very relevant too. What better to wear to a Social Media in Business Forum? Good call... @vaughndavis.

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  1. Thanks man! Disclosure though: I bought the t shirt online somewhere after seeing Nat Torkington wearing one when we were both on Media 7 earlier in the year. He knows his stuff, that Nat... follow him as @gnat